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take care of your characters C:
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ken lopez
Artist | Traditional Art
United States
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ken, kensue, and others.
new owner of Luna the fox and Luna the fox games
thank you very much *theTrue-LunaXwuv your the best..
All art based around luna the fox and others art credit
goes to EK aka thetrue-lunaxwuv your the very best.

i am here to give other peoples arts and group a changes at greatness
i join a few groups that i feel i got into and feel i love and hlep them get
to greatness useing Teressa the Bunny my point keeper power of money
by giveing them points/membership/group membership.

i loves to make other peoples art look good. i try to
redrew other people art with permission of coure. to show how skilled i am as a redraw artist and if you ask i may do yours but i most of the time ask you. i love adopts i am always buying them and i got alot of them and i am drawing them all. i may also act like a little kid some times. i also talk in broken English i don't now why. well i do know why but i rather not say. it's the language that i most know. so be aware of my broken English lol.


high school sweetheart: Mami Tomoe

love: Luna The Fox

one of my dreams is to meet the people online i thicnk it would be so kools to meet them and see what they are like in person here are the conut down of all who i what to meet there only the best well alest to me they are.

1st: *theTrue-LunaXwuv maker of luna the fox from devantart <= thank you
2st: :iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White
3st: *vamfh14cullen from devantart
4st: ~ WMcLaughlin56 from devantart
5st: *CurlyFried from devantart
6st: *shatailthehedgehog from devantart

for now those are the only ones that i what to meet i will update this later.

love it way too much. this was one of the most amazing commission.

FNAF - Purple Waltz (Palette Commission)[Animated] by Atlas-White FNAF - Purple Waltz (Palette Commission)[Animated] by Atlas-White FNAF - Purple Waltz (Palette Commission)[Animated] by Atlas-White FNAF - Purple Waltz (Palette Commission)[Animated] by Atlas-White
if you ever what to chat or something go to this chat room i will be there. we can live chat with vioce and or you can just ask me about luna the fox. just send me a note when you do what to chat.

Current Residence: unban from runescape
Favourite genre of music: Rock / punk rock / acided rock / heviy metal
Favourite style of art: any
Operating System: mac book pro / hp owner pc
MP3 player of choice: ipod video 160 gb / modded psp / ipod touch
Shell of choice: huh -n/a
Wallpaper of choice: sonic the hedgehog / Luna the fox 2
Skin of choice: huh - n/a
Favourite cartoon character: LUNA THE FOX / sonic the hegehog
Personal Quote: we are games / fight for games

Who I Support and help and continue there art after there gone if they what me to and trust me.
:iconkaiserartist: :iconthetrue-lunaxwuv: :iconvamfh14cullen: :iconsqarrow: :iconwmclaughlin56: :iconmichankoshka: :iconeviljessica: :iconkawaiihoshi-san: :iconarksangel101: :iconbalatronical: :iconshatailthehedgehog: :iconcurlyfried: :iconatlas-white:

best friends and core Membership Gifts.

:iconkawaiihoshi-san: :iconwmclaughlin56: :iconcurlyfried: :iconsqarrow: :iconkaiserartist: :iconvamfh14cullen:

awesome person and people.

ones that i have request/commissione for me.
:iconvamfh14cullen: :iconsqarrow: :iconr-redbob: :iconsierrastar221: :iconchaoticallykhaos: :iconprincess-coco-154: :iconnekokyoki: :iconmolleh33: :iconakemiremi::icon17noblecobras: :iconaxiabetty: :iconiamanelebiscarra: :iconspiraldicolori: :iconnicole50095: :iconmoggy2007: :iconragtime-gal: :iconmmi-hunter: :iconinksplattersenpai: :iconbluemoon646: :iconpallasmercury: :iconangelshadow18: :iconpharaohdjoser: :icondraikou: :iconemener::iconatlas-white: :iconsailorkarasu:

pass by there DeviantART give them a like or a watch there awesome artist.

super awesome groups.
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this is luna the fox about her she is 22 now.

name: Luna the Fox

nickname: Lunatic, Luney, Lune

species: Fox

gender: Female

age: 23

physical appearance: luna the fox. by lunathefoxforever

iq: 400

dominant hand: right

allergies: bee stings

known relatives: Carly the Fox

birth place: unknown

birth date: march 28

history: From 4 to the age 12 Luna had been tested on by humans for a special research facility. She escaped but her sister was left behind. Luna was able to get back on her feet to reunite with Carly only to find Carly kills herself in a failed attempt on using a twin spell which was supposed to kill her and the beast but did not work.

idems of note: Cell phone

then personality: Hyper, cheerful, can get very depressed, always there when her friends call for help

goals: to rid of the evil and bring her sister back to life, Carly

likes: Hanging out with friends, making pizza sandwiches, helping, making friends, and going on adventures, distorting FOL bases, beating evil ken.

fears: Bugs, the dark, bad guys, losing friends, evil ken, Carly the fox.

attitude towards life or death: She puts her rear in gear and prepares for the worst

self: ???

others: ???

attitude towards people: she thinks everyone has a good side, but sometimes might get annoyed by those being ignorant

family: Carly the Fox

friends: Tabitha Lovejoy, Iris Hatsaku, Spike the Mutt, Ann Smith, Timothy Wolfe, Wrath the Hedge-demon-hog

rivals: Ayaka Hatsaku

enemes: Kikiyako the Fox, Sage the Werehog

strangers: Itch the Flea

mental conditions: Very forgetful but still working on it.

ouotes: Luna is a great friend, even though it may take her some time to remember things about you, she'll always be there when your in need of help.

current status: Hyper, active, plays a lot of Xbox 360 games

current residence: use to be a house near a town, she owns it all to herself but now is a city near the west-cost

occupation: spacial black opp,works at a Chinese restaurant

social class: Outsider

economic class: um, she doesn't go to school?

alignment: ... Hero?

reputaion: she was a test rat for FOL and evil ken.

skills and ineptitudes: ...

powers: she can perform any spell, just give her the words and she'll do it

combat abilities: a good kick in the face and punch in the gut is what she can do

ultimate attacks: a good kick in the face and punch in the gut is what she can do

basic fighting style: a good kick in the face and punch in the gut is what she can do

talents: can sing a little, she can jump high, to fool you.

strengths: in the water,snow,lava,metal

mental: she stays positive

psychological: shes a blue fox.

emotional: she was a test rat for most of her childhood

physical: in the mid not to strong but can beat most enemy with out help.

supernatural: she can perform spells

miscellaneous: she can cook

weaknesses: she can't stand vomit, can't back away from someone in need

relatioships: marred.

spouse or divorcees: ken the fox



* as ME come out of the portal and braxton started to talk to himself  *

Type A Braxton: hey me i know your trying to help me and all but why are you doing that to Aome and the other Braxtons.

Me: what you think am the one who whats this after all i am everything you what to be no. this is what you what i know it. so let me keep on helping you. we only have done this so many times braxton.

Type A Braxton: but your hurting them in ways that i don’t understand.

Me: its all needed for them to know who we are Braxton.

Type A Braxton: they don’t even remember me. not one bit. why dont they know me.

Me: that because were know from there remember Braxton we know that someday they will realize who you are.

Type A Braxton: but what if they stop us again like last time.

Me: i don’t think it will happen again and even if it dose i will keep on helping you Braxton. remember that some can’t fight forever and for the Other Braxton. he’s week you shouldnt have any trouble with him. as long as you keep this up you will win.

Type A Braxton: fine i will keep this up but if we fail one more time i think i will be done.

Me: i don’t think you will aver give up Braxton i know it.

Type A Braxton: sure Me. i guess but i what to go home for know rest up and have a nice bath.

* as he went home and he found Dark Force Sebastian and Easter Egg Maria and miss Naomi and also metal Aome 3030 *

Type A Braxton: hey what are you guys doing in my house i thought you guys went with Metal Aome 3030.

Miss Naomi: well well well look who has returned. braxton the insane. we wanted to see if you do what you wanted to do Braxton and you know i think your not that bad of a person i mean we have to work on your double personality and i think that power can come in useful.

Me: don’t listen to them Braxton. they don’t know what there talking about.

Dark Force Sebastian: there he goes again. but Braxton are you going to try to get a another Aome from a different world again. you know what happen to the Aome here she died for being too brave and heroic. hahahahaha

Type A Braxton: well ME whats us to go get her again. he thinks we can do it. i know we can.

Miss Naomi: do you really think that they will let you take her or she will let you take her. you are pathetic Braxton all your power and you choose to go for Aome.

Me: Braxton we know that we can get her. the home here may have died but we can get another Aome.

Type A Braxton: so are you guys going to help me or what.
if ME says we can do this then we can understand.

* as they all said sure and told him that he was crazy as a nut and then they opened a portal and they all started to walk thew it*

Easter Egg Maria: i hope that theres a lot of fun were we are going.

Me: of course there is.

Miss Naomi: here we go again my pens are lock and ready.

Dark Force Sebastian: may the darkness be with us.
Me and Her
hello hello hello this is a story based off a rp dating back from many RPs i had with :iconwmclaughlin56: by WMcLaughlin56
and its also a Valentines days story.

i hope miss 
:iconwmclaughlin56: by WMcLaughlin56 loves it 

all characters by 
:iconwmclaughlin56: by WMcLaughlin56
and all interpretation of those characters are by me.

A Tale As Old As Us
this is a gift for Mr Atlas-White for valentines day plus bonus give him. a mix of FNAF and disneys beauty and the beast.
i really do like how she come out she looks amazing and i will draw goldie as the beast too and jacob along with that
as beauty and the beast characters. i hope he likes  

goldie: think of the one thing you ever wanted and your find it in your minds eye and and feel it in your heart. 
don't be afraid spring.

spring trap: am not afraid.

happay late 2017 valentines day everyone.

:iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White

go and see his gallery its amazing.


* as Winter Bonnie pointed to a portal and looked at the name above the Portal and it said DEV ATLAS Page and so they both pass thew that portal and they were teleported into a strange world where there were duplicates of themselves and others they had seen before *

Winter Bonnie: what is this place and why is there so many of us around here. its like a world of us and others.

Jacob Aubergine: i don’t know but this place is giving me the creepy’s. Maybe we should get out of here Winter.

* as they were going to leave there was a person that appear out of no were *

Mr White: how did you 2 get out. you not suppose to be here and what are those keys that your carry anyways give them to me and i will put both of you back were you are suppose to be.

Winter Bonnie: what do you mean were we are suppose to be. we don’t belong to you.

Jacob Aubergine: watch out Winter he may try something.

Mr White: hmmmmmm what you think am a enemy. you got it all wrong my dear winter. you see dear purple man over there is your enemy. not me so. lets stop this game and let me help you.

Jacob Aubergine: don’t let him fool you. we only just meet and we don’t even know who we are.

* as Mr White snapped his fingers and the world  started changing and get come at them with his own blade and told them that they have to go back to were they come from as jacob use his key to block Mr Whites Attack and told Winter to run back to the portal as he made Mr White back away while he tried to make a move on Mr white *

Jacob Aubergine: run Winter don’t look back. keep on going i will meet you back were we come from.

Winter Bonnie: what about you Jacob.

Jacob Aubergine: don’t worry about me winter. just go.

Mr White: Jacob Jacob Jacob you will have to remember who you are some time or another. but you will and when you do you wont be to happy i now this beaches i created your interpretation.

Jacob Aubergine: you can’t win. my power is unlike any other..

* then he unleashed a 28 hit blade at him. but then Mr White disappeared *

Jacob Aubergine: were are you. show yourself.

* as he looked around and then he tried to go into the portal but as he was entering it he was pulled back from it by Mr White *

Mr White: i didn’t tell you. you could go Jacob. your my creation and you will fight me until i say you can go Jacob.

* as Jacob got up and Mr White graped him angian and thew him into one of the building *

Mr White:  Jacob have you had enough.

* as Jacob got up and out of the building *

Jacob Aubergine: you may be the creator but i wont give in.

* as Jacob ran to Mr White with his Key blade to Mr White. but as Jacob was running to Mr White. Mr White appeared right in front of Jacob and Mr White put his hand on his forehead and Mr White said to remember and Jacob started having flash backs of what he was and what he has done and fell to the ground holding his head *

Jacob Aubergine: what have you done to me. whats happening those flash back. whats going on.

Mr White: do you remember yet Jacob. let stop this game your trying to play with winter and give up Jacob. you don't belong with Winter.
Atlas Hearts Spring Of Memories story Part 2
this is part 2 of Atlas hearts spring of memories and i hope that you all like this crossover of kingdom hearts and Fnaf. 

wondering thew worlds together they find a world name DEV Atlas Page and find out that they are not the only ones of there self.
and wonder the area only to find that there creater is there to find them.

as a waring Mr White is not a enemy in this story.

i hope you all enjoy this and i hope Atlas-white dose too.

all characters belong to :iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White.

go and see his gallery… its amazing.

* Fox Ranger Tamara Mile Level 5 drove off into the city trying to get to the Fox Op’s HQ to find Karisa the bunny and try to get her to remember who she use to be. then she saw a whole bunch of FBI agents locking down houses and telling everyone to stay in there house. as she road off trying to get thew them see come to a barrier and the FBI were not letting anyone pass but as she got there she was told to stop and one of the Agents asked her why she was going that way and she told her that she was a Fox Ranger and she was trying to get to her uint witch was waiting for her on the other side of the city and the FBI agent told her that a lose convict was out there and that they were ordered not to let anyone in unless they were authorized to go into there. *

FBI Agent: if i am to let you in i will need to see your badge and rank.

Fox Ranger Althea Level 11: ok here my badge and my rank number.

* as she handed them both to the agent and the agent looked over them and
she told her that she was clear to go and told her to watch out because the the CIF and FBI were looking for a Corrupt FBI Agent by the name of Cathy rose and that she escaped while they were transporting her but one of the enemy gunship hit the transport vehicle she was able to get out and know she is on the loose *

FBI Agent: ok you can go thew. but remember what i told you keep a eye out she is a highly trained FBI Agent.

* as the FBI Agent made a signal to the other Agents to open the barriers up for her and as she pass thew and she was driving off she saw that they had heavy guns guarding the barriers and she saw that they close them off the barriers again and she was riding to Fox Ops HQ as she was passing some building she saw that it was getting darker and could see the fire fights in the sky and bombs exploding and then she saw that some Fox Rangers were camped out in a abandoned house witch had half of it missing so she pulled over to take a break till morning. she walked into the place and saw the Fox Ranger Assault unit and then a guard unit come out from behide her and grabbed her arms *

Fox Ranger Assault Unit Guard Level 80: what are you doing here.

Fox Ranger Althea Level 11: Am a Ranger just like you guys.

Fox ranger Assault Unit Fighter level 85;  let her down she one of us but lower ranked.

* as the guard put her down *

Fox Ranger Assault Unit Guard Level 80: hey am sorry we had to make sure you weren’t one of those Fox Ops Killers or Cathy rose.

Fox Ranger Assault Unit sniper Level 86: plus your a long way from were your supposed to be.

Fox Ranger Althea Level 11: what do you mean. aren’t we supposed to be deployed out here.

* As one of the Assault Unit members told her that they were the uint that Fox Op’s Leaders sends out when there were threats so close to home that they use other units then what they have and telling her that FBI is not the Only ones here ether *

Fox Ranger Assault Unit Fighter Level 85: you see we are not just hunting downing down the Fox Ops Killer. we are hunting down cathy rose the Rouge FBI Agent.

Fox Ranger Althea Level 11: so you guys are the best from the Rangers.

Fox Ranger Assault Unit Fighter Level 85: yes we are but i don’t think you what to stay anywhere around here or stay with us we are going to move out as soon as its day light. to hunt down Cathy Rose.

* as Fox Ranger Fighter told her to watch out and then told his Sniper Ranger to get back to watch the building and told Ranger Althea that she could sleep in a room and lead her to a children’s room and told her to watch her back and they all went to sleep and Althea woke up and went out side but saw that the other Rangers were gone *

Fox Ranger Althea Level 11: i have to get out of this area.

* as she got out of the building and she went to her vehicle and saw that the other rangers were gone but they left one of there own heavy armed vehicles and she got into the Vehicle and she started to leave as she was. she looked out her window and headed to Fox Op’s HQ *
Finding the way charp 42
this is a story on Karisa the bunny and Althea the bunny after Karisa the bunny lost her memories and how Althea the bunny trys to get to Karisa the bunny to remmber were she come from and what she was.

 on trying to find her lover karisa the bunt but at the same time getting attack by FOL.

I hope you all enjoy 

New Year Celebration
have a happy new year and i hope that you do too.

holy smokes it looks amazing I love it. you did a amazing job on it. thanks you very very much.this is by the most wonderful and most Amzing.

:iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White

all characters except luna the fox belong to :iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White.

luna the fox belongs to me 

luna the fox enjoys herself with her friends while she watches fireworks with them.

go and see his gallery its amazing.

Christmas Advent 2016 5 By Atlas White
i sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo love how this come out.

winter and jacob making a snow man together.

by one of my most favorite artist

all credit :iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White
here is his gallery…
* as winter bonnie woke up when the shore hit her. on a sunny day near the beach shore on a island. as she looked around she could see a house with some palm trees and a tree house looking kind of building. she got up and looked around trying to see if anyone else was around. she then went up to the tree house and she went inside and she saw a girl sleeping on the bed and the girl started waking up and the girl saw Winter and she took out her Aome Luck key blade and she pointed it at her and she asked winter who she was and what she was doing here. *

Winter Bonnie: i don’t know what happen. i just appeared here. but i don’t know were i am. how about you why are you here.

Girl: i don’t know that ether. i just got here with this key looking blade.

Winter Bonnie: is there anyone else around here.

Girl: yeah he said he was going to venture into the other worlds. he said something about finding his memory you can use the portal too. its right out side it should be back.

* as she went out side and saw the portal and then with out telling the girl winter ran into the portal and then she was teleported to a different world. she saw a sigh were it said DA Town thats were she saw the purple person fighting with some shadows and with his own key like blade and he was striking they all down with his blade. as he finished the shadows he turned to her and saw her there *

Jacob Aubergine: and who might you be.

Winter Bonnie: my name is winter and yours.

Jacob Aubergine: do you carry a key blade too. if you do i what to see it.
heres mine its called luna’s key blade.

* as she pulled out her key blade she told him that when she got it the presences that give her the key blade told her it was called the Atlas Hearts key blade *

Jacob Aubergine: wow its the legendary key blade. the person i was with told me that he was looking for it. something to do with getting his memories. his name was goldie. we were looking for a way out of here i don’t remember much but i think i had a idea were we are.

Winter Bonnie: and how about goldie. did he remember anything ether.

* as he went over to a table with her following him. he sat down and put his key blade on the table *

Jacob Aubergine: you know me and goldie were traveling from world to world but then i saw that he was remembering and then he started trying to attack me. how he remembered i don’t know but he did. i lost him a while back and i have not seen him.

Winter Bonnie: well then maybe you would like to travel thew those worlds with me and try to find our memories together.

Jacob Aubergine: yeah i can deal with that. were should we start then kid.
Atlas Hearts Spring Of Memories story Part 1
this is the first of Atlas hearts spring of memories and i hope that you all like this crossover of kingdom hearts and Fnaf. there will more to come as winter and jacob take there adventure thew all the new worlds and try and find there memories. not know that they are enemy they will all find out that this world is not were they belong.

i hope you all enjoy this and i hope Atlas-white dose too.

all characters belong to :iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White.

go and see his gallery… its amazing.

Atlas hearts Re-Spring Of Memories
this is the re collered version of Atlas hearts Spring Of Memories and i very much love 
how all the colors come out. maybe i should have waited to post this after i wrote the
story for this. oh also i was going to add more characters into the memories cards.
like my own but i wanted to keep it :iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White base.

i love how this come out. i really love Atlas characters especially Jacob Aubergine and i hope he loves this.

this was something i had plan for like 4 months and i never got to it till today.

Winter Bonnie: but jacob what if were not the same as we were. when we meet.

Jacob Aubergine: don't worry Winter. no matter what lies ahead. we will always be friends 

more to come later.

all characters belong to :iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White.

Atlas Hearts Spring Of Memories by lunathefoxforever

go and see his gallery… its amazing.

Atlas Hearts Spring Of Memories
i thought of something and it was :iconatlas-white: characters a parody called Atlas hearts spring of
memories witch is a mix of his characters.

i love how this come out. i really love Atlas characters especially Jacob Aubergine and i hope he loves this.

this was something i had plan for like 4 months and i never got to it till today.

Story: winter bonnie found herself in a new world a world were she could not remember her Memories and so she set off
to find them again with a key like blade that she found.

more to come later.

all characters belong to 
:iconatlas-white: by Atlas-White.

go and see his gallery… its amazing.

The Goddess of Winter
i love how she come out she looks amazing 

Bio: she is the goddess of winter and has the power to control snow and ice and everything with it. she chooses if it snows or if it should fall. when ever there are snow flakes it because she around or one of the chosen ones are near by. she uses her powers of snow and ice to destroy her enemys. she keeps a sheild around her made of ice. she is protected by any type of ice or frost moves.
she gives her stars to those who she think are worthy of her star and her power. if they are not worthy of her star that she give them. she then consume them but if they are they gain the power she has. when she choose to give Jack Dev as star. no one knows why they say she give it to him because she love him and others because she knew that he had the best power for her to use. those are only rumors.

Goddess Of Winter: here Jack Dev take my star and my you find what you are looking for.

adopt by :iconpuethar: by @PUETHARchar by me.
winter wings and winter star snow flake by :iconrittik-designs: by Rittik-Designs 
check out her stuff its amazing.

this adopt is used under those terms

Term and use and others.



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Congratulations to Mary-Volt-htf

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2016, 2:45 AM
Art and CSS Yuminn

Congratulations to :iconmary-volt-htf: by Mary-Volt-htf winner of my one month Core membership i hope you enjoy it and i will see you guys next end of the  month for a nether chance to win a premium one month membership you all have a nice day.

i love giving Premium Memberships because i what others to feel Core Membership.

as i said i will start doing this again. i am a little late but that no big.

sorry for taking so long DA is not taking payments so i had to do paypal.

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