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*As she woke up from bed her she screamed Aome name out loud  and then her  family that were around her and her mother as her who Aome was and she told her that she was Naomi sister and then Naomi come up to her and told her that she did not have a sister she just had 2 brothers and Lunra was combusted about what happen and luna the fox her mother told her she was so worried about her that she thought  she would never wake up from her coma and then luna the fox hugged her and told her she was happy that she woke up and then Ken the fox keep up to her and told her that she should have never tried that stunt he feared that he would have lost her and told her never to do that again as she got up from bed and tried walking again and was a little dizziz and she needed some water and she went out side into the living room and she said Aome name and said were she was  and why she was not here and she repeated her name and tears ran down her eyes and then she went out the door and as she was going out the door she saw a heart gold pendent fall from the sky and she went to grab it as she open it she saw a picture of her with the name of AOME and lunra and then she whispered  were she was and she then went back into the house  then she went back into the house to tell them about but over heard Naomi say to luna the fox that she might know someone who know something about who she is talking about but to her that name she never heard of it till now and told her that it was more of a old tale and or in the books as she then told luna the fox that she had to go to school  luna told her to come back soon as she left*

Lunra the fox: mom what was Naomi talking about just then.

Luna the fox: ohhh sweetie you were lessening to us talk Lunra. well she was telling me that she might know  the person your talking about but i don't know lunra you been asleep for a long time.

*as she asked were ken the fox her father was and luna the fox her mother replied that he went to work and he would be back soon and that Naomi and Karisa the bunny would come back to visit her and see how she was doing as she replied with a ok as she went up into her room then Karisa the bunny come in and started to talk to her telling her that she was sooooo worried for her*

Karisa the bunny: you should be more careful Lunra how are you going to be the leader of the fox's op's if your going to do those kind of thing Lunra.

*as she told her sorry and asked her if she new anything about a person named Aome and she told her that she did and said maybe Naomi knows and told her to ask her if she new and then told her and she should be in school right now and then she told her that she would take her to school and lunra told her ok and said she would go to her school woodrow high school for magic and others*

Lunra the fox: ok then i get reedy to good Karisa.

*then they both went out side and they got into her transport car and then they were passing by building by building lunra was looking at those building that she new but at the same time they were all new and she was looking at everything and her memories were so real she could see every building that she saw before this and she thought to herself maybe it was just a dream and that she just dreamed everything and even dreamed up aome and then remember that in her pocket she had the gold heart  pendent with the picture of her and Aome and then she told Karisa about it and then she showed her the picture of them but then Karisa told her that she only saw her and Aome name and lunra told her that she saw aome picture*

karisa the bunny: maybe only you can see her Lunra maybe she only whated you to see her.

Lunra the fox: but i don't understand why she or anyone would do that.

Karisa the bunny: i don't know lunra but maybe that how the divine one work. you never know. the divine one might let you see her again if i mean if she is a real person.

Lunra the fox: but i know she is real i just know it. i could have not just been me make her up.

*as they got to the School and they saw Naomi and she waved too them and then Karisa come out of the top and Naomi saluted her and then Karisa told her as your are and Lunra come out of the top too and jumped down and then Karisa told her to be careful out there and she said ok*

Lunra the fox: Naomi i what to talk to you.

Naomi: what is it about. oh is it about Aome i think the person you remember is a Agent god of time it was told that she controlled time. but i mean that all i know from what my friend has told me she has a shrine of Aome but she dose  not let anyone into it unless there worthy of Aome.

Lunra the fox:  and how can i find her Naomi.

*as sebastion come up to them and Sebastian kissed Naomi and she kissed him back and then Lunra told them to get a room and sebastian said hey i love Naomi Lunra you know that and Lunra was like yeah yeah i know you do as the bell rang and they went to class but luna did not know were to go and Naomi told her to follow her. she told her that they were both in the same class*

Devonna Mami: welcome class i am glad to say that we have Lunra the fox back to school and i hope you all give her a warm welcome back. now lunra take your seat by Naomi and sebastian.

*as she started the lesson she told them that they would start with basic magic and
healing she was telling them about the advance math of how magic work and if they were to mix evil with there magic it could led to there demise then she was writhing down that if you put some healing on to someone else wounds it has a change of give you some health if you would be wounded at the time and she keep on teaching them and 5 hours of Devonnas class passed and then bell rang*

Devonna Mami: well this concludes my lesson for today and remember don't use your magic for evil good day everyone.

*as they all walked out of the room and lunra told Naomi that she whated her to take her to the place were her friend hides Aome shrine and then she was like ok ok ok Lunra i will take you and then she told her to follow her and then started to leave the school and  a woodrow high school for magic and others Max police come up to them and stopped them and told them that no one could leave the school with out vercantion at school hour's and then she took out her badge and showed it to him and then he told them to pardon him that he did not now and told them they could go as they walked over to transport car and she told the driver to take them to east woods as the driver started to go they were passing some tall building and then some grass land and he stopped by some woods there yah go*

Naomi: here we are follow me and stay quit ok let me do the talking he dose not know you.

Lunra the fox: thank you Naomi.

Fox's op's Killer female; Naomi and who is this you said you would never bring anyone here Naomi.

Naomi: wait Female i bring her here because as you know about EK and KL AE and might tell her something about AOME if posable.

Fox's op's Killer Female: she knows of Aome Naomi but how i thought i was the only one but someone else.

*as she turned around and told them to follow her and lead them down a path to a champers were the shrine of EK and KL AE were and then Lunra looked at aome and told her that was her and she took out the heart pendent and it was the same as the picture and she started to tear up and whispered oh Aome were did you go*

Fox's op's killer Female: the books tell of a person when the world was defiant there was a person that saved the world and with that act she flew into the light of the gods and become one but its just legend and no one news why and who aome was but the books tells that KL and EK were the one's to take her to her fate but who know's. i been studying EK KL for a long time and i have found out that KL is the god of everything well attest that what the agents believed and that AOME is the goddess if you will of time.

i liking were this is going hope you all love it as much as i like writing it.

well this was the last but not the lest hope you enjoyed it.

see you guys you on September 1, 2014 for season 3.

i like how this is going and how i am doing it i hope wmclaughlin56 likes it.
i am just saying this is non cannon to both series of luna the fox
and or aome-linda-jones.

chars by :iconwmclaughlin56: by WMcLaughlin56 everything else is mine and stuff.

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WMcLaughlin56 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cool!! Naomi and Sebastian?! 0__0 Did you decided for them to be a couple?
lunathefoxforever Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014   Traditional Artist
well at 1st i thought they might be related and i was i dont know maybe i souldent make
them a couple and then i went to find out if they were  related looked for bios thew picture
and stuff did not find anything say they were soo yeah i did and being in a world were Aome
dose not exist any more but just a concept something that someone follows or warships.
WMcLaughlin56 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh!!! 0v0
lunathefoxforever Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014   Traditional Artist
i was going to ask you but then i was i what it to be a surprise
and the ester egg that i put that had to do with yah series.
WMcLaughlin56 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay! I understand. ^^
lunathefoxforever Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Traditional Artist
woops lol sorry for my bad borken english
i men did you find the ester egg i put in there.
WMcLaughlin56 Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Easter egg? :/
lunathefoxforever Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014   Traditional Artist
awwww man you did not find it lol.
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